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Hashbrown Winters

Join Misty, Whiz, Cordovo, Hambone, and Hashbrown as they face the trials and tragedies of fifth grade life. The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters will keep kids and parents alike laughing out loud, groaning in sympathy, and turning pages until well past bedtime.

Filled with crazy, hare-brained, witty humor that just sort of reaches from out of nowhere and smacks you right in the face when you’re least expecting it! It will have you smiling, wincing, laughing, and downright snorting out loud before you are finished.

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Explore the Mysteries of Produnce Elementary

Check Out All the Adventures of Hashbrown Winters and His Crew

The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters

Meet Hashbrown Winters. Like any typical Pordunce Elementary fifth grader, he’s got a story. Actually he has several. There’s the story of how he got his nickname, the story of how his treehouse club became one of the most popular groups at school, and, of course, the story of his untimely demise after a mishap with the beloved pet cockroach of Pordunce’s walking death dealer, Hambone Oxcart. Will Hashbrown be able to convince Pordunce’s own mob boss, Cordovo Figanewty, to offer him protection? Or are his days at Pordunce about to come to a swift and painful end? In this hilarious debut novel from Frank L. Cole, every kid who’s any kid has a nickname, and half the fun of the story is figuring out how they got it. The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters will keep kids and parents alike laughing out loud, groaning in sympathy, and turning pages until well past bedtime.

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Hashbrown Winters and the Mashimoto Madness

All Hashbrown Winters ever wanted was a simple life: a treehouse full of buddies, enough marbles to keep him occupied at recess, and a Brody the Ape-Slayer action figure with authentic ninja throwing stars. But everything changes when Hi Mashimoto starts a rival club and threatens to take Hashbrown’s place as the kid with the coolest treehouse at Pordunce Elementary. This hilarious follow-up to The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters reunites all your favorite zany characters and introduces plenty of new ones. You’ll never believe the trouble Hashbrown gets into this time. Frank L. Cole’s Hashbrown Winters and the Mashimoto Madness will have your whole family laughing out loud, it’s a perfect read for pranksters of all ages

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Hashbrown Winters and the Phantom of Pordunce

When a mysterious phantom begins haunting the school and Hashbrown’s treehouse is hijacked, Hashbrown knows he’s up to his armpits in trouble. And if that weren’t enough, there’s a new girl in school who might just be his match—in marbles, that is. Not to mention the fact that Bubblegum Bulkins, an original member of the treehouse club, is moving in two weeks. Now Hashbrown will have to rely on a few unexpected allies to save his friends, his treehouse, and his entire school.

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Hashbrown Winters and the Whiz-Tastrophe

Book cover for Hashbrown Winters and the Whiz-tastrophe. An image a young boy wearing a slouchy red beanie.Losing to a girl in laser tag is the pits—especially if it’s to Melanie “Thumbs” Nottingham. So the Hashbrown gang comes up with a plan that will guarantee their success. But when plans go awry and they’re sent to another dimension, it’s up to Hashbrown to set everything right. This hilarious installment is sure to keep you laughing to the last page.

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